13 Feuds Involving Rappers Going at Non-Rappers

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Rappers just don’t beef with other MCs. With hip-hop hitting the mainstream and getting more integrated into pop culture, there has been plenty of instances when rappers have gotten into feuds with celebrities outside of the genre. A$AP Rocky for instance. A few days ago, former NBA goon Stephen Jackson called out the Harlem rapper for using the word “trill.” The 38-year-old Texas native seemingly came out of nowhere when he went on a rant on Instagram.

“I’ve got another message for A$AP Rocky, too. Say bruh, no more trill talk out your mouth, either. You ain’t from Port Arthur. Me being a Port Arthur representative, a native, you can’t say ‘trill’ no more. Cuz u ain’t. Therefore, anybody in your camp that’s using ‘trill,’ stop using it,” he delivered.

Jackson continues, saying, “Rest in peace, Pimp C. I am Port Arthur, I am the president of Port Arthur, you better ask somebody. So therefore, the word ‘trill’ cannot come out your mouth no more, bruh. You hear me? And the whole Port Arthur is speaking with me. Therefore, find you another word, find you a New York word. You’re not trill, you’re not from Texas. Get your own swag.”

Rocky hasn’t responded but these are the kind of instances that have been popping up more and more. Whether it’s Kanye West’s beef with Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband Kris Humphries or Floyd Mayweather Jr. feuding with everybody in hip-hop, here are 13 beefs between one rapper and a non-MC.