50 Cent Denies His Estranged Son But They're Twins

There’s no doubt that 50 Cent has more beef than a burger joint. From Ja Rule to Floyd Mayweather to Diddy, the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is the king of trolling and never hesitates to “get the strap.” But when it comes to his own son, you’d think he’d let up; Nah, not Fiddy.

Since we can remember, 50 and his first-born, Marquise, have been at odds. What’s crazy about this is that, in Marquise’s early years, he was attached to 50’s hip. Now, years have passed, and the two don’t even speak. They may not like each other, but one thing’s for certain, they can’t deny each other if they wanted to.

50 Cent and His Mini-Me

50 Cent Denies His Estranged Son But They're Twins

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On October 13, 1996, 50 Cent and his then-girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, welcomed their son, Marquise Jackson, to the world. Marquise’s birth changed the way 50 looked at life. “When my son came into my life, my priorities changed, because I wanted to have the relationship with him that I didn’t have with my father,” 50 said in an interview.

His son was also his “motivation to go in a different direction.” By the time Marquise was a toddler, he was introduced to 50’s fans throughout his dad’s career. But once Marquis reached teenage status, we started seeing less of him.

Things Go Left

After 50 and Tompkins broke up, she sued the rapper for $50 million, claiming that he promised her to take care of her for life. The suit was dismissed by a judge who chalked it up to being “an unfortunate tale of a love relationship gone sour.” Ouch.

Things were never the same between the two and they have been at odds since. Their bickering has even spilled onto social media, throwing Marquise in the middle of their war. Now, 50’s hate for his BM trickled down to Marquise and the father and son have been going back and forth for years.

50 vs Marquise

50 Cent Denies His Estranged Son But They're Twins

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All hell broke loose when 50 sent petty shots to Marquise’s mom in regards to child support ending. “4 months left no more free ride. She might want to get a job now. I paid $1,369,400 to date. I hope she saved some money because that last $30,600 ain’t nothing,” he commented on Instagram.

Tompkins clapped back with, “Actually it is 5 months to go… you still checking for lil ole me? Calculate the hours you missed from your son!” Marquise didn’t take his dad’s joke well and that’s when he came in with guns a-blazing. The two exchanged insults which resulted in 50 blocking Marquise from Instagram and his life.

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