A Dime a Dozen: Women Nick Cannon's Dated After Mariah Carey

When Nick and Mariah first got together, we were all so confused. It seemed like they were the most unconventional couple ever, but over the years they showed the world they were perfect for each other. In 2011, the couple welcomed twins, Monroe and Moroccan, and they were the perfect family.

That is until things went left and the couple decided to split after six years of marriage. Their divorce was finalized in 2016, but by that time Nick had already been in three different relationships. Divorce is hard for some, but for Nick Cannon, he wasted no time moving on from his relationship with these baddies.

Jessica White

A Dime a Dozen: Women Nick Cannon's Dated After Mariah Carey

Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Nick briefly dated model Jessica White in 2015, before his divorce was final. The couple kept their relationship under wraps in the beginning “out of respect for Nick’s family since the divorce is not final,” according to E! Online.

Though there were side eyes at Jessica for possibly dating Nick while he was still married to Mariah, that wasn’t the case. A close source claims that Jessica would never break up a happy home and was only there for Nick as a friend when he was going through his break up with Mariah. After the couple split, Nick made a song detailing his sex life with Jessica. She was not pleased.

Brittany Bell

Nick and Mariah’s divorce was finalized in 2016. By that time, Nick had moved on to Brittany Bell, who held the title, Miss Guam 2014. In 2010, she represented Arizona in the Miss USA pageant, but didn’t win the title. Nick and Brittany’s relationship has been off-and-on since 2014. They were pretty much low-key until word got out that Brittany was pregnant with Nick’s child.

Though they had broken up by then, Brittany announced her pregnancy an Instagram post. At about six months, she held a “sweet moment of celebration” with her fellow Miss USA/Miss Universe contestants.

Lanisha Cole

A Dime a Dozen: Women Nick Cannon's Dated After Mariah Carey

Source: Instagram @misslanishacole

This is where things get messy. Nick began dating Lanisha Cole before Brittany dropped the bomb about her pregnancy. Fans found out that Nick was dating the model/former video vixen by way of their Instagram comments. posted Lanisha commenting on Media Take Out‘s statement, “Nick Cannon Has a New Girlfriend… And She’s Actually Black… Just Regular Black!”

Lanisha commented, “Yes I’m black… anything but “regular” though!” Nick wasn’t too far behind. “Yes you are far from regular… You are a Queen!” he replied. Brittany dropped an intimate photo from their maternity shoot days after Nick was seen with Lanisha. Lanisha didn’t sweat it, though.


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