A "Family Guy" Live Action & Animated Film Is In The Works

A couple weeks back 20th Century Fox announced its merger with Disney that means Fox’s movies and TV shows would fall into the hands of Disney and their creative endeavours. Of course, such a move leaves a lot of unanswered questions within jobs of both companies and the execution of many projects. Among all the questions and uncertainties is some good news that comes by way of The Wall Street Journal

According to the publication, Fox is working on a Family Guy movie that will be half live-action and half animation. The movie is one of three very exciting films in the vault including the Bob’s Burgers movie and The Simpsons 2 flick. 

The publication reads:

The Bob’s Burgers flick is set to hit theatres in 2020, while the Simpsons movie and Family Guy film has yet to be unannounced. Are you guys here for it?

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