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Al Nuke Talks “Birds Of a Feather 2”, Directing & Producing Films & More at the “BOAF 2” Premiere

On July 30th, in Atlanta, GA, super producer Zaytoven and director/ producer Al Nuke hosted the Private Screening the highly anticipated sequel “Birds a Feather 2” at Regal Cinema in Atlantic Station.

“Birds A Feather 2” follows the successful music producer, Zaytoven, as he fights for the number one title in the gritty world hip-hop music while struggling to maintain his personal principles. Guest the screening had the opportunity to see firsthand how the music industry is impacted by the streets and the twists and turns involved in the rise to the top.

As celebrities and entertainers alike gathered at Regal Cinema in Atlantic Station for the event, Terrell Thomas caught up with the producer/ director the film Al Nuke.

Looking forward to showing the public “Birds A Feather 2”, Al Nuke spoke on creating the film, the process selecting the cast the film, Zaytoven’s growth in entertainment, and his upcoming plans for the remainder the year. Al Nuke spoke on looking to producer more films and more.

The interview was conducted by These Urban Times own Terrell Thomas. The interview was shot and edited by These Urban Times/ Crunch Time Media’s own Danny Digital.

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