[Album Review] @DAEtrius 'The EBRO Demo'

If you haven’t checked out The EBRO Demo, you should.  Made in response to Ebro Darden’s (HOT97 radio personality) request for Atlanta artists to “step y’all bars up”, Atlanta native DAEtrius takes the challenge head on with this on.  Folks, this is an EP that harkens back to a time when rappers, regardless of which coast they were from, were about lyrics. DAEtrius’s clever wordplay and personal bars coupled with soul-sample heavy production by producers Epikh Pro and the Olympicks, make for a seamlessly dope project.  However, as impressive as his music is, it’s DAEtrius’s ability to put together a story that is most intriguing.  Let’s face it, rappers nowadays are just putting out 10-15 tracks and calling it an album or a mixtape.  The EBRO Demo is dope music and a story in 4 songs (new artists pay attention: less is more sometimes).  I mess with the whole project, and find myself switching favorites every time I listen all the way through (yes you don’t have to skip any song), but as I write this, my favorites are Nobody Believes and Voice Memos.  It’s on the latter where we truly get a sense of DAEtrius’s lyrical depth with lines like:


“I took another route/ My cousin Matt said I should choose to stuck it out/ be he

don’t know my house/ life’s day-to-day bills piling on the couch/ one day we had

it good/ next we had it out “


“I don’t need new friends/ they changing with the seasons/ rather f*** with myself/I’m stingy with my semen”

“I find myself slappin these n***** and then preachin/ second guessed decisions always lead no completion/ whatever slot you choose remember you got a reason/ life is gamble in Vegas at the Venetian”


Really there are too many quotables to count.  Bottom line, Ebro was right.  All artists do need to step their bars up.  However, fellow HOT97 on-air personality Peter Rosenberg nails it when he mentions DAEtrius as one Atlanta artist making dope music.  Peter knows something the world doesn’t yet.  Bring yourself up to speed with The EBRO Demo.   Our only criticism is that we wish it were longer, but I guess that means we want more and that’s a good thing.  Stream The EBRO Demo on Spotify, Apple, Google Play, Tidal, Soundcloud and all other music streaming platforms.  Find DAEtrius on www.DAEtrius.com or on Twitter and Instagram @daetrius