Alexis Skyy Finally Brings Baby Girl Home After 5 Months Hospitilization

After months of waiting, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Alexis Skyy was finally able to take her daughter, Alaiya, home from the hospital. The little one, who was born in January of 2018, had yet to go home due to birth complications.

In celebration, the mom-of-one had a grand homecoming party for baby Alaiya.

Big Party

Alexis Skyy Finally Brings Baby Girl Home After 5 Months Hospitilization

Source: Instagram @alexisskyy_

The baby, who was born prematurely at the beginning of this year, was met with friends and family when she finally made it home nearly five months after her birth. Photos of the shindig made it to The Shade Room‘s Instagram page, showing lots of food and presents.

Fans filled the comment section with love and support. “Babies/ Children are a blessing. So pleased for this young lady and her family, it’s fitting to celebrate,” wrote a fan. “Lil snuckums looks real healthy,” commented another.

“Good for her. Glad baby’s home safe and sound!” added an Instagram user.

What the pictures didn’t show was little Alaiya’s father, Fetty Wap. The last reports from Skyy and the “679” rapper weren’t great, as the new mom was threatening to bring her baby’s father to court.

In a series of social media posts captured by Baller Alert, the reality TV star let Fetty know how things were going to go. Skyy blasted the rapper and told him to run her Alaiya’s coins before he gets out of town.

“B***h a** n***a, stay the f**k from me and my daughter,” she wrote. “I’ll see you in court, b***h. [Fetty], I’m not keeping quiet no more. Drop that money off for Alaiya before you leave out town.”

She also reached out to another woman that Fetty is apparently seeing, writing, “Can you wake my baby daddy up and tell him I said he has a few hours?” “If not tell him I’ll see his a** in court & I hope you use a condom, sweets,” she added.

Two Months

Alexis Skyy Finally Brings Baby Girl Home After 5 Months Hospitilization

Source: Snapchat @alexisskyy_

Regardless of Fetty’s absence, Skyy beamed in the photos of Alaiya’s coming home celebration. It’s only fitting, after spending her daughter’s two month mark in the hospital.

In March, Skyy captioned photos of Alaiya — the first to hit social media — “My happy princess i love you forever happy 2 months baby girl.”

The baby was said to be happy and healthy even then, though she was still in the neonatal intensive care unit. Fetty and Skyy were constantly with her, with the latter reportedly visiting NICU multiple times a day.


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