Bossip Exclusive: Here’s How Breezy Tried To Weasel His Way Out Of Legal Trouble With Karrueche

Bossip Exclusive: Here’s How Breezy Tried To Weasel His Way Out Of Legal Trouble With Karrueche

Judge Bars Chris Brown From Contact With Karrueche

Karrueche Tran’s days struggling with Chris Brown are ficially over. Today a judge granted Tran a permanent restraining order against her superstar ex, following testimony and evidence from her that was so damning BOSSIP sources tell us Brown’s attorney’s unsuccessfully attempted to negotiate an out court settlement.

Things already weren’t going well for Brown days ago, when his lawyers presented a motion for him to testify by telephone and the judge refused. It’s ironic he even attempted that move because Karrueche ran into issues during the last court date over the same thing.

Brown ended up being a no-show for today’s proceedings, but his lawyer Mark Geragos was in the building to watch his client’s already tarnished reputation go further up in flames.

A BOSSIP source confirmed much TMZ’s account today’s hearing, which was centered largely around Tran’s evidence.

Tran took the stand and testified that once she broke up with Brown he demanded she return diamond rings he’d gifted her and when she refused he became aggressive.

She described text messages where Brown said things including:

As well as threats such as,

YIKES, right? Karrueche also described how Brown once threatened actor Michael B. Jordan, writing, “Imma kill blood” under a photo them.

Karrueche’s testimony also included details about how he’d physically abused her during their relationship and the judge didn’t just have her word for it. According to BOSSIP’s source in the court room, she was also prepared to present 911 calls and witnesses who were willing to testify to beatings they overheard or saw.

Things were looking so bad for Brown, according to BOSSIP’s source that his lawyers attempted to negotiate a settlement with Tran, who, it turns out, was not interested in a private agreement.

Following her testimony, the judge ruled in favor Tran, granting her a permanent restraining order. If Tran feels she still needs the order she will have to file to renew it after five years.

What do you think about Karrueche turning down the settlement attempt? It seems like she could have made some more money for herself if she took a deal like that but it just goes to show how serious she is about her safety and public awareness about Breezy’s bad side riiiight?!