Cardi B As "Cardigan Backyardigan" & Other Artists' "Real Names" Is Latest Meme

2018 has been a pretty successful year in terms of the quantity of music we’ve received. Thus far, we’ve gotten a few works that have the potential to go down as landmarks in some artist’s discographies. While the frequency of classic albums has been slow this year, the internet has obviously come through with a few classic memes based on all of our favorite artists. From Cardi B as a child to Jay-Z riding a jet ski with a helmet, meme magic has been real this summer. As the days will soon get colder, Twitter is still very hot. And by that, we mean that the social platform is still home to some of the best memes we could have asked for.

The latest trend features users of the medium searching Google for an artist’s real name and coming up with some of the most ridiculous answers. While none of them are real (although we wish some of them were,) “Cardigan Backyardigan” is possibly as ridiculous as