Cardi B Gets Feedback From Original "I Like It Like That" Creator, Pete Rodriguez

Artists have been offering us amazing throwbacks with classic samples lately. From the Hispanic sphere, Dj Khaled gave us “Wild Thoughts” with Rihanna and Bryson Tyler, which was taken from a Carlos Santana feature, and most recently, certified platinum, was spun from a tune by Pete Rodriguez.

Although Rodriguez is not familiar with Cardi B’s body of work, he commented on her version of his hit song. Peep the original version and its spinoffs after the jump.

The 86 year-old Puerto Rican artist was introduced to “I Like It” through his family.

Rodriguez gives his stamp of approval to his fellow Bronx native.

The original tune is getting some extra love thanks to the smashing success of “I Like It.” Streams have benefitted from a 2,520 percent boost from its sample’s use.

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