Cleveland Browns Players Entangled In Rape Case Involving Their Apartment

David Njoku and Rashard Higgins are caught up in the middle of a rape case. A 22-year-old woman claims to have been assaulted in the apartment inhabited by both Cleveland Browns players. She told the police that a friend of Njoku’s had non-consensual sex with her after she had fallen asleep in their home.

Although Njoku is not being indicted for any crime, he has been interviewed by legal authorities about the incident.

A police report states the woman’s claims of going to their high-end downtown Cleveland apartment building where both Njoku and Higgins are roommates. She arrived at the location early Saturday morning after drinking with some friends. She allegedly fell asleep in Higgins’ bed and was woken up by another man, Kashwayne Nelson, who had already initiated intercourse with her sleeping body.

The victim was pulled by the hair when she attempted to call for 911 but was able to make contact with the police shortly after the traumatic experience.

Cleveland Browns issued a statement concerning the situation.

JayteKz – Scars