Cousin Stizz Shuts Down Paradise Rock Club for Homecoming Show

Cousin Stizz Shuts Down Paradise Rock Club for Homecoming Show

Cousin Stizz waited in a narrow, red-walled hallway leading to the stage of Boston’s Paradise Rock Club. The Field’s Corner rapper was here four years ago as an opener — technically an opener of an opener — but this time, he was waiting in the hallway to greet nearly 1,000 screaming kids as the night’s headliner. This dingy hall acts a cannon of adrenaline for every artist who loads into its confines. But although he knew he was about to explode, Stizz remained calm and ready until it’s time to fire away.

The Saturday night show (July 23) brought out college kids from the neighboring Boston University as well as Stizz’ crew from Field’s Corner, Dorchester and more. It was a family reunion as much as it was a concert.

Stizz started things off with some of his most trusted bass knockers, “Fresh Prince” off his first project Suffolk County and “500 Horses” off his new tape, Monda. He then took it back to his Suffolk County days remind his audience where he started before rolling through his biggest Soundcloud hits like “Gain Green,” with the crowd knowing every word.

Though he’s still young, Stizz has the demeanor of a vet on stage. Showing each side love and posing for Snapchats in between songs came as second nature to him. Even when a stage crasher found his way up to Stizz’ platform, the young bull kept his cool and just kept rapping. He didn’t even take time out of his set to clown the kid once he was led out by security; a normal tactic for rappers whose stage space gets invaded.

Stizz soon asked his tour mate, Larry June, to join him on stage for their collab “Down Like That” and then surprised his hometown crowd be bringing up fellow Boston native Michael Christmas, who delivered a bolstering rendition of “Salty.” By the time he performed “Shouout,” Stizz had the place jumping but wasn’t ready to leave the moment just yet.

“Normally that would be the end of my set, but we at home tonight, we doing what the fuck we want!” he yelled to the crowd’s delight before ending things with “No Explanation.”

A well deserved homecoming after nearly a year of work, Stizz stuck around the tour merch table after his show to greet nearly every supporter. A gracious homecoming king.

Check out some of XXL’s social media coverage from the show below.

.@cousinstizz x @LarryJuneTFM

— XXL Magazine (@XXL) July 24, 2016

Crowd riding with @CousinStizz #500horses

— XXL Magazine (@XXL) July 24, 2016

This "Boston" chant is everything

— Sid Madden (@Sid_Madden) July 24, 2016

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