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D12's Bizarre 100 Percent Here For 50 Cent's Joe Budden Trolling –

Detroit rapper Bizarre is riding for Eminem even if it means co-signing savage 50 Cent trolling. The hip-hop veteran has applauded Fif throwing some over-the-top shade at ex-Shady Records artist Joe Budden.

Biz went to Instagram Wednesday (September 12) and shared Fif’s savage Budden meme.

A few days ago, West Coast rapper KXNG Crooked addressed Budden calling out Em and wanting out of Slaughterhouse.

Last week, Budden publicly shared his issues with Em and notably a lack of providing musical content over the past 10 years.

On Em’s new “Fall” record, he goes directly at Budden and makes reference to past domestic violence instances.

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