Diddy Shares Reaction When Tupac Dropped "Hit Em Up" Diss Track

With hip-hop comes beef; With beef comes diss tracks; With diss tracks come responses. So when Drake didn’t respond to Pusha T’s diss, everyone immediately called him out for taking an L.

At this point, we don’t know why Drake hasn’t responded. But do you remember that Biggie never responded to Pac? In case you forgot, Pac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” straight annihilated Bad Boy and was never given a proper response — and Diddy says it was for good reason. The mogul who was once in the middle of hip-hop’s biggest rivalry speaks out for the first time on his reaction to Tupac’s diss and whether or not Drake took an L.

“Hit ‘Em Up”

Diddy Shares Reaction When Tupac Dropped "Hit Em Up" Diss Track

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Biggie and Tupac’s beef was, hands-down, the biggest beef in hip-hop history. It all began when Pac accused Andre Harrell, Diddy, and Biggie of having inside information on the 194 robbery that lost hm thousands of dollars in jewelry and left him shot five times. After that accusation, it went downhill from there and the rest is history.

One of the most memorable moments in this beef was Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up.” In the song, Pac raps about Biggie copying his image and style, having slept with Biggie’s then-estranged wife, Faith Evans, and a host of other disrespectful claims.

Biggie’s Response

“Hit Em Up” was crucial AF. Fans went berserk when it came out, giving major props to Tupac for his savage a** lyrics. But while the song was such a pivotal point within the beef, Biggie never responded. In fact, the only time Biggie gave the song recognition was when he responded to claims of Faith’s pregnancy in his verse on Jay-Z’s “Brooklyn’s Finest.” He rapped, “If Faye have twins, she’d probably have two ‘Pacs. Get it? 2Pac’s?”

That’s all we got as a response from Biggie before Pac’s death, later that year. During a 1997 radio interview, before his death, he stated it was not his style to respond. It’s safe to ay that both rappers died without furthering or ending their beef.

Diddy Reacts

Diddy, who was also targeted in “Hit ‘Em Up,” and very much a part of Biggie and Tupac’s beef, spoke his reaction to Tupac’s diss. He also compared Biggie and Tupac’s beef to Pusha T and Drake.

“They asked me a question today about Drake not responding and I had to tell them I respected it. Like when we had got hit with ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ I had to make the call to Biggie and said, ‘We not gonna respond. Somebody’s gonna get hurt if we respond.’”

Though Diddy agrees with Drake not responding, it didn’t stop Diddy from admitting that Drake to the L in the battle.

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