DJ Akademiks Clowns Eminem & His "Trash" Lyrics In "Kamikaze" Response Skit

DJ Akademiks is boisterous on and off social media. His following enjoys his fierce coverage of hot topics in Hip Hop. It is no surprise that the entertainer wants in on some of the latest news in a capacity that extends past reporting. 

After sharing an initial response to Eminem‘s latest release, Kamikaze, Akademiks decided to offer the rapper another one. This time, he does so with humor by posting a skit to Instagram. The caption calls out other artists, Eminem aside:

In the skit, Lil AK rakes his brain to find a perfect comeback to Eminem’s diss track. When the words come to him, the opening lines of “Lose Yourself” pour out. AK effectively uses Eminem’s own “fire” lyrics against him.

This was obviously done in jest, but DJ Akademiks does call Eminem’s lyrics trash in multiple ways. The dude legit crumpled up the “Mom’s Spaghetti” lyric sheet he jotted down and threw it away while whipering in discouragement, “nah, that’s trash. Trash. F*ck.”

Peep Machine Gun Kelly‘s latest drop for a genuine rebuttal.

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