Dope City Saints Artist "Wordup" Prepares For World Tour!

Dope City Saints Artist "Wordup" Prepares For World Tour!

The current rap scene teems with more life than ever! Thanks to the World Wide Webs endless stream of outlets. Indie music has found its way back, there may be as wide an audience as ever. Listeners have become more discerning and have a thirst for quality music that is often not found.

Each generation comes an individual that emits so much strength, so much raw magnetic appeal and energy that can affect everyone and everything around them. Once again this phenomenon has occurred, once again the bar of excellence has been raised, this time his name is Wordup. He is already putting in the hard work and dedicated grind of an industry veteran
WordUp is an Oakland emcee, vocalist, and songwriter, who is single-handedly responsible for transforming Oakland’s “Art Walk” into the city-wide, “First-Friday”, that it is known as today.

Being one-half of Rap Duo, Dope City Saints, originally receiving his first publication writing for Oakland Newspapers while traveling over-seas, “Wordup” now approaches the completion of his debut album, with goals of emerging as the most prominent composer in Hip Hop. Spending the majority of a decade being mentored by DJ Toure’, of the legendary Hieroglyphics Crew. “Wordup” showcases a wide spectrum of vocals & lyricism, blending both musicianship & the raw perspective of natives from Oakland.

He explains “Modern artists find themselves challenged to make one hit record. Rarely do they use their life’s experiences, to construct a classic body of work. Consistency is key. Sure, it’s a bit old school, but that’s the difference between their work, and mine.” Wordup has raw magnetic appeal that attracts fans worldwide. Coming across someone with such a broad scope of talent is rare, someone naturally endowed with every component needed to be instantly thrust among the elite in their craft.

This fall he will be leaving on a World Tour to 12 cities.