Erykah Badu Takes To Twitter To Deny Rumors Of Kendrick Lamar Relationship

(AllHipHopNews)  Erykah Badu has taken to Twitter to address the swirling rumors of a relationship with Compton MC, Kendrick Lamar.

The rumors began after the two met at the BET Awards in 2013, with an image of the two holding hands on stage quickly going viral.

Kendrick Lamar even referenced the encounter on Kanye’s “No More Parties In LA” from Kanye’s latest release The Life Of Pablo.  On the track Kendrick rhymes the following:

Well cutie, I love your bougie booty/ Come Erykah Badu me/ Hell, let’s make a movie.

Apparently the rumors became too much for Ms. Badu, so she chose to clear things up with the following tweets pretty much letting it be known that whatever relationship the two had was strictly platonic.

Kendrick aint called me since y’all made up some shit about us being in the trailer makin out so he missed his award

— ErykahBadoula (@fatbellybella) July 4, 2016

Sound check, performance , photo opps, ghost. He was super shy.

— ErykahBadoula (@fatbellybella) July 4, 2016

Let me educate u real fast lil mama. It’s not always betwixxx the thighs .. Sometimes it’s between the ears . ❤️

— ErykahBadoula (@fatbellybella) July 4, 2016

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