Exclusive: Q Parker’s Alleged Baby Mama: The Kid Is Yours & I’ve Got Proof!

Q Parker Has Questioned Whether The Boy He’s Paid To Support Is Really His Son

The woman who said she bore 112’s Q Parker’s out–wedlock child said she knows the boy is his – and has pro.

Q – whose real name is Quinnes Parker – sued his alleged child’s mother, Leah Steele Barnett, to demand a DNA test after he said he wasn’t certain that the child, Josiah, 11, was really his son.

Q said in court docs that he and Steele Barnett had an affair, and then she coerced him into agreeing to a bad child support deal by threatening to tell his wife about what was going on.

Q said that he and Steele had a DNA test done on the embryo that tested for genetic defects, but no paternity test was completed once the child was born.

If the boy is his son, Parker also filed a separate suit to have his child support reduced to around $300 from $2,250 a month.

But BOSSIP obtained copies the original test results between Parker and Steele Barnett, and they state that there is only a slim chance that Q isn’t the child’s father.

Exclusive: Q Parker’s Alleged Baby Mama: The Kid Is Yours & I’ve Got Pro!

“The probability paternity… is 99.9% as compared to an unrelated, untested random man the same race,” the results said.

However, Q said in court papers that he has reason to doubt the accuracy those results because the testing site, Long Beach Genetics, had been sued several times by people claiming that their tests had false results.

We’ve reached out to Q’s spokeswoman for comment.