Exclusive: UHTN Interviews Pyro Dinero

Exclusive: UHTN Interviews Pyro Dinero

Check out our latest interview with Indiana’s Pyro Dinero! His new project, ILLIANA, drops July 29th. Pyro talks about his inspirations, his new EP, and more.

UTHN: First of all, introduce yourself to the people!

Pyro: I go by the name Pyro Dinero, Mr.Dinero, the artist formally known as Pyro…ILLIANA president.

UTHN: If you were stranded on an island for the rest of your life and could only take three albums with you, which ones would you pick and why?

Pyro: That’s a tough question but it will definitely be Kanye West’s Graduation, T.I.’s Urban Legend, and Young Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 101 and I would pick those three because they all played big part of me getting through tough times of life.

UTHN: Who were some music inspirations for you growing up?

Pyro: My inspirations growing up were Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Twista and even though he’s not a major artist (yet) my family Giano green cause he was the first person that would literally sit there wit me for hours as we did double n’ triple entendres n’ flip word. He put my on game at a very young age.

UTHN: What can you tell the people about your upcoming project, ILLIANA?

Pyro: ILLIANA is where good meet evil … It’s the representation of a community engulfed in the same culture between two states and four cities. The production is CRAZY big- s/o to Keeynote and everyone can relate to the different topics I speak on.

UTHN: Where is your “go-to” place to eat in Hammond, IN?

Pyro: Well I’m a hot wing guy so if I’ma go get some wings I go to Coaches Corner which is a bar with great food, especially the wings. It’s where everybody goes even before they consider Hooters or Buffalo Wild Wings- I highly recommend it!

UTHN: What else do you have the planned for the rest of 2016?

Pyro: I’m really focusing and promoting my ILLIANA EP and preparing the ILLIANA Clothing line I’m dropping with the cd …rocking shows and networking and also still making more music to have a great follow-up ready for the next EP.

UTHN: Anything else you’d like to add?

Pyro: Yea s/o all the artists grinding out there especially in my city. We have a lot of talent that needs recognition and make sure everybody tune in JULY 29th ILLIANA EP. And big s/o to YouHeardThatNew.com for their time to get to know me.