Here's Why Justin Bieber & Major Lazer's New Collab Is EDM's Next Breakout Hit

It’s most certainly a difficult question to ponder whether or not Major Lazer’s latest dancehall-flavored single with none other than Justin Bieber & MØ, “Cold Water,” could potentially be the next “Lean On,” but the track most certainly has the roster able to field a hit. So what happens when you take the forces behind “Where Are Ü Now” and “Lean On,” then get their creative aptitude to mesh into one track? You come out with none other than “Cold Water.”

The track is bound to be a radio hit, but whether or not it’s going to surpass the biggest track of 2015, “Lean On,” is up for debate.

If Justin Bieber is on your track, one thing’s for sure: expect some crazy promotional techniques the same way he had multiple celebrity friends, including Dutch wonderboy, Martin Garrix, hype up his “What Do You Mean?” blockbuster hit 9 days before its initial release.

This time around, Justin Bieber took to Twitter and personally direct messaged multiple of his fans the lyrics of “Cold Water” moments before it dropped. The song is taken from Major Lazer’s fourth studio album, Music Is the Weapon, slated for a release sometime in January of 2017.

Here's Why Justin Bieber & Major Lazer's New Collab Is EDM's Next Breakout Hit

Diplo said he was “more than a little surprised” when Bieber messaged him on Twitter asking when “Cold Water” would be coming out. Saying that “It was not planned at all” and that the track was not even finished when Justin had expressed excitement for it via Twitter. Diplo added, “It’s actually very real. Twitter is the only reason I know he’s excited about the song. I don’t have his number, so he just tweets at me.”

@diplo when are we bringing this new music?

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) May 16, 2016

With “Lean On” as the fastest EDM track to break 1 billion views and the most played track on Spotify currently sitting at over 800 million plays, can Diplo conjure up the same popularity in “Cold Water”?

Here's Why Justin Bieber & Major Lazer's New Collab Is EDM's Next Breakout HitStream “Cold Water” below:

With insane remix potential to a mid-tempo, Justin Bieber featured, Caribbean-tinged track including that Ed Sheeran is on the writing credits to “Cold Water” the same way he’s on the credits to “Love Yourself” it only makes sense that the sky’s the limit on the potential with making this track join among the ranks of “Lean On” and “Where Are Ü Now”. What do you think, could this be the next “Lean On”?

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