Introduction Of Scooby Smith

Introduction Of Scooby Smith

How did you come up with your stage name?

Scooby was my childhood nickname since i was about 12 years old, and the Smith part was my father’s last name he passed away when i was 2

What age did you start in the music business? 

I started doing shows around the age of 15, was never really about making money it was more just for opportunity and the experience. About a year ago is when i really starting grinding and learning about the business side of music, its a tough world but there is lots of money to be made if someone guides you in the correct direction.

What current projects are you working on?

Right now I’m currently working on my album Back2Basics which will be done within the next 3 months. Also working on a project with Michael Neely and Frank Lucas they are putting together a mixtape i will be featured on. Also my team is working really hard on my single “Bag It Up” and the numbers are doing great on the radio and spotify.

Where are you originally from?

I’m originally from Gulfport, Mississippi. But when my father died when i was 2 my mother brought us to live closer to her family in Greeen Bay, Wisconsin. Most my year growing up were spent in   a city 45 miles north of Milwaukee called Sheboygan.

Who are your influences musically?

My largest influence musically is J Cole, he’s not about the chains, flexing, and all that other stupid stuff. The man is a Poet, and he’s a master at his craft. Otherwise my biggest influences in music are the people that are around me day in and day out. I wanna see them do better, chase goals and dreams. By me showing my family and everyone thats around me that dreams can come true is what really drives me and motivates me to pursue my goals.

When did you start taking your craft seriously?

I would say i started taking music serious at a young age around 16, just never was about the money at first. There is no better feeling than performing in front of a packed club/auditorium/showcase or any venue at that when your young. But last year is when i made up my mind its time to find away to make this into my career and get out of working 60 hours a week doing something i don’t love when I’m wasting my talent as a musician.

What can we expect from you in future?

Hardwork, Dedication, and great music

What are you currently working on?

Currently working on finishing up my first album Back2Basics, and also working on my track for the Frank Lucas mixtape

What genre of music do you sing?

Hip Hop

What is your feed back on todays music and the stigma that comes with it?

Honestly I don’t blame a lot of people for the way they look at Hip Hop and the culture. In my opinion theres still a lot of good music coming out from particular artists, but some of the new artists on the scene don’t have much talent let alone the stuff they rap about is HORRIBLE for our youth. I understand crime and drugs come with the art, but its becoming almost brainwashing the way these new artists are putting this stuff out there, and don’t get me started on the skinny jeans and the new way some of these artists dress. I’ll never hate on these artists its all opinion I’m happy they are making money just kills me the culture its creating.

Where can fans stay up to date with your movement?

as of right now my Fan page is Scooby Smith on Facebook

Twitter is scoobysmith1992

soundcloud is