J.I.D Announces First Single From Upcoming Project "Dicaprio2"

Yesterday, J.I.D posted a photo of the top from inception with a 2 in the corner, which means: “Dicaprio2.” The new project, maybe an album, maybe a mixtape and referred to by J.I.D as a “journey,” does not yet have a release date but he took to Instagram again today to post the release date of the project’s first single, called “151 Rum.” On September 19th the song and presumably an accompanying video will come out and the rest of the project soon after. 

J.I.D’s description of the project is humble and intriguing. He writes that each song feels “like an individual film” and that the final product was unexpected for him, but he’s glad about how it turned out:

He goes on to tell of how the late Mac Miller “came thru and helped post produce and organize on almost every song on here.” J.I.D was supposed to go on tour with Mac Miller and Thundercat but, for obvious reasons, the tour has been cancelled. 

The album will be best suited to “car rides, working out and smoke sessions(in cars).”

Tommie – Pressure