Jill Scott Cast In "First Wives Club" Lead Role Alongside Michelle Buteau

Jill Scott is ready to bless us with her acting chops in a newly-announced television series. The First Wives Club is an 11-episode remake of a film of a film that starred Diane Keaton, Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn. Scott and comedienne Michelle Buteau have been named as two of the three leads for this version of the story

The series tells the story of three women who bond over their disintegrating marriages and acquire newfound strength in their sisterhood. The empowerment also entails revenge for the scorned. Scott will play Hazel, a famed singer who faded from the spotlight, silenced by her husband and manager, Sean. Buteau is cast as Bree, an overworked doctor who is also a tightly-wound mother. She learns to let loose thanks to her female friendships after finding out her husband has been disloyal. Hazel shares a similar experience while reclaiming her artistic voice.

Tracy Oliver (Girl’s Trip), a series’ co-writer, expressed the unicity of each actresses contribution to the production.

TheFirst Wives Club series is set to air on Paramount Network in 2019.

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