Joel Embiid Says He Learned To Shoot By Watching White People On Youtube

Philadelphia 76ers’ All-Star center Joel Embiid made his Player’s Tribune debut today by publishing an article titled, “It’s Story Time,” in which he begins, “I swear to God, my life is a movie.”

Embiid, who grew up in Cameroon until the age of 16, had only been playing basketball for three months when he was offered to play high school hoops in Florida. Some of you may already know that, but in Embiid’s “It’s Story Time,” he goes into detail about how truly improbable his journey to the league was.

He was laughed out of the gym on his first day of practice. He retreated to his dorm room, cried, and contemplated returning to Cameroon.

Eventually, Embiid turned to YouTube for some pointers. When searching “How To Shoot 3 Pointers” and “How To Shoot Good Form” didn’t work, Embiid says, “the light bulb went off, man. I typed in the magic words.”


The 24-year old center also discusses how much more difficult school was in Cameroon compared to America, the first NBA game he ever watched (2009 NBA Finals), how Bow Wow, Kanye and Kobe were his exposure to American culture, and the first time he got dunked on during a scrimmage at Kansas.

You can check out the fully story here.

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