Kanye West Sends One-Of-A-Kind Yeezy Sneakers To 6ix9ine & Tr3yway

Somehow, shouted out the pair and he apparently appreciates them so much that he decided to send over a pair of 1-of-1 Yeezy 700 sneakers to the famed manager. 

Tr3yway took a video of the shoes being transported to him at the shop and while we never get a good enough look at them, they appear to be black with fluorescent yellow accents and the number “700” written across the body. Imagine the types of collaborations 6ix9ine could create with Kanye West, both musically and in the fashion landscape. If Ye feels strongly enough about Tr3yway to design a pair of kicks for him, we may see rainbow-colored Yeezys specifically made for Tekashi in the future. 

Tr3yway posted a shot of himself with 6ix9ine as they held the sneakers and his reaction is a little unclear. He either looks disgusted or impressed. It’s difficult to make out. The nice thing is that if he decides to ever sell them, he’d make a couple thousand easily.

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