Kodak Black On Sex: "That Sh*t Ain't Even All That To Me"

Kodak Black is a free man. Ever since his release, he has been sharing more thoughtful insight about his perspective on life. Recently, he seemed to be shifting his focus towards his career while practicing the art of patience. Since then, he’s had a huge public outburst, demonstrating that he might not be as zen as he portrayed himself to be.

The subject of celibacy had also been brought up as part of his new journey. One of his first Instagram posts since his release showed the rapper seeming quite content about his new lifestyle. Although he has been dating, the rapper is happy to take it slow.

Black is reiterating a similar message through a tweet. Chasing tale simply doesn’t carry the same appeal as it used to for the rapper.

The fact that he brought up the subject of his abstinence multiple times might be an indicator of how solid his change of mindset actually is. On the other hand, the rapper might also be feeling some pressure building up. Perhaps running in the street, yelling at crowds is his new way of blowing off steam. We’ll have to wait and see.

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