'LHH' Star Just Brittany Pulls Up on 'GUUH' Set and Beats Up Jhonni Blaze

It seems wherever there is an upset women, Stevie J isn’t too far behind. After the taping of Love & Hip Hop‘s reunion show, fans learned that the famed music producer killed two birds with one stone after he invited Just Brittany to the set.

According to reports, Brittany and Johnni Blaze got into an explosive fight. Afterwards, Jhonni had some choice words… Scroll to the end of the video to watch Johnni’s XXX video.


'LHH' Star Just Brittany Pulls Up on 'GUUH' Set and Beats Up Jhonni Blaze

Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

As usual, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion show gave everyone enough drama to last a lifetime. The most explosive event that occurred was the physical fight between Erica Mena and Stevie J.

News of the altercation hit social media first, with Erica seemingly confirming the stories in an Instagram Live video. Fans won’t know exactly how the two star’s interaction turned physical until the show airs. Until then… All there is to go on is a few anonymous sources and Erica Mena’s short IG Live video. In the clip, she called her co-star a “b***h” before saying that he “likes to fight girls.” She also called the reunion show itself “stupid.”

MTO News‘ insiders allege that after Stevie attacked Erica, security had to pull him off of her before forcing him out of the building. To add insult to injury, he’s said to have called Erica’s 11-year-old son a “f*ggot.”

The producer’s misstep may have caused him his job with LHH. Coinciding news reports hit outlets, alleging that Stevie had been fired as a result of putting his hands on Erica. More than that, he’s also reportedly been banned from all future VH1 events. Although his official release is “pending further investigation” while the show’s officials review the tapes and figure out how to legally let Stevie out of his contract.

“It’s on sight”

'LHH' Star Just Brittany Pulls Up on 'GUUH' Set and Beats Up Jhonni Blaze

Source: Instagram @therealjhonniblazeduh

Possibly the second most explosive event to pop off during the reunion show was the altercation between Jhonni Blaze and Just Brittany. Per Gossip:

Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow, hopped on Instagram to share his very disappointed thoughts. “It’s only day 3 of filming and people already fighting and tearing up the set. Why is VH1 talent walking a #guhhatl set unannounced?” he wrote. “Mona get your clients… they tryna run over here and I’m done handing out checks for 2018.”

“Its no secret that all the VH1 Talent is reaching out to come over to #Guhhatl. Everyone wants NEW,” he added. “This type of shit as a business man costs us money. They fucked ms Deb whole function up yesterday fighting. As the producer if you are NOT GUHHATL talent please stay off our sets.”

“Get yah broke cast Mona !”

'LHH' Star Just Brittany Pulls Up on 'GUUH' Set and Beats Up Jhonni Blaze

Source: Instagram @therealjhonniblazeduh

Jhonni added her two cents in Instagram as well. Screen shotting Shad’s post, she added, “Get yah broke cast Mona !”

“Y’all ain’t want the kid so I went to wetv now yall want to bring y’all D list people over here ?!” she continued. “I was the last one to get that big check SECURED BAG SORRY NO MORE CHECKS HANDED OUT AND YALL SWEAR ME AND THIS MAN GOT BEEF BOOM! And I like his girl she fiyah ! Yea this season just call me MS RATINGS !”

This was all after she calmed down though. When the event was fresh… She was swearing “on blood” to ruin Just Brittany. Keep scrolling to watch the video.


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