Lil Wayne Performs Extremely Short Set at ‘High Times’ Concert: ‘Don’t You Ever Call Me to Do This Sh-t Again’

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Lil Wayne might have performed the shortest headliner set in concert history at the High Times Cannabis Concentrates Cup Show in San Bernardino, Calif., yesterday (July 23). According to people in attendance he got pissed and walked out after performing for less than five minutes.

An Instagram user captured most of the very brief performance on her account. The show seems to start off well with Wayne coming out hopping around to French Montana’s “Pop That.” He then rolls into the Gucci Mane collab “We Be Steady Mobbin.” That’s when things go south for some reason. Right before rapping, the Young Money MC looks side stage and says, “Don’t you ever call me to do this shit again. Don’t you, ever, ever, ever, ask me to do this shit again.”

According to the Instagram user, he rapped for a short time more then walked off.

This isn’t the first time Tune has gotten aggie and walked out during a show. In 2008, he walked off stage during a show in Richmond, Va., after bashing his DJ and members of his crew following his arrest on drugs charges.

Last year, during a show at Florida’s Nova Southeastern University, Wayne ended his set abruptly after a mishap by the DJ got him pissed. Weezy got seven songs into his set before he was ready to drop his update of the O.T. Genasis song “CoCo.” However, instead of playing a clean instrumental, the DJ played the original, complete with Genasis’ vocals. The rapper walked off, never to return.

In January, he was performing in Milan, Italy when he got mad shortly after his set started and walked off stage. Milan writer Laura Rysman was on hand at the event and noted on Instagram, “Lil Wayne performing for 10 seconds before throwing down his mic and storming off stage to jump in a cab at #PhilippPlein. Boo, Weezy,”

That incident seemed to be caused by the crowd’s lack of enthusiasm, as during the brief set Weezy looks to the side and says, “Is this what you want me to do? You serious?,” after trying to get the crowd hype.

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#lilwayne it was dope until he got mad. 3minute lil Wayne concert GoodThing I got these tickets for free. #thanksHighTimes

A video posted by @skeeskeez on

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