'Love & Hip Hop' Star Smashes BF's Car Window

While Teairra Mari seemed to be relatively calm and mature about compromising photos of herself being leaked to the internet, it may have been a front. Or simply a temporary mood.

Either way, the signer is now being accused of smashing Akbar Abdul-Ahad’s car windows out.

Bye Bye G-Wagon

'Love & Hip Hop' Star Smashes BF's Car Window

Credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Just days ago, fans learned that Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Teairra Mari is the latest celeb to have her their privacy spilled onto the world wide web, after pictures and video of her giving fellatio to a partner surfaced online. In the face of jokes and unflattering headlines, Mari seemed to be holding her head above it all.

The video itself, which was posted onto Mari’s own social media, cased quite the stir. Even 50 Cent chimed in, questioning, “Damn baby, this reality TV s**t going so far, what you doing this for?” Shortly afterwards, the star took to Instagram to tell fans and followers that her “social media was compromised by someone who I felt was deserving of my love and trust.”

“That person proved to be untrustworthy and posted footage of what in the moment was private and sacred,” she continued. “Moving forward, I recognize the need to be more cautious and discerning.”

The leak was said to be the actions of Mari’s ex-boyfriend, Abdul Akbar-Ahad, a former NCAA collegiate ball player. He continues to deny the allegations against him, but Mari seems adamant of his guilt.

So much so that she decided he didn’t deserve for his car windows to be intact. AAA told TMZ that he found his now ex-girlfriend with a metal rod from a bar stool, going to town on his G-Wagon.


Abdul-Ahad said he was working out at his apartment’s gym when security guards informed him that a female was damaging his vehicle. Upon going outself, he saw Mari and her LHHH co-star Milan Christopher on the scene.

The two split when AAA went to confront them, according to Abdul-Ahad. TMZ obtained pictures, showing damage to Mari’s ex’s passenger side window and windshield.

He reportedly hasn’t filed a police report yet.

Around the Way

'Love & Hip Hop' Star Smashes BF's Car Window

Credit: Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Within hours after the video began making its rounds throughout the internet, a source close to Mari revealed the singer was “devastated.”

“She shouldn’t feel ashamed, but she does,” the insider went on. “It’s such a violating feeling. Lots of people are supporting her and telling her to stay strong and that it’s not her fault buy there are way more people taking this chance to attack her and kick her while she’s down.”

“The worst part is that there are people, even people she thought were so-called friends, that are questioning whether she was somehow part of this and did it all for attention,” the source added, referencing Akbar-Ahad’s insistance that he isn’t responsible for the video being seen by the public.

Regardless, the former Roc-A-Fella artist addressed the public with an amazing poker face, seemingly refusing to show weakness.

Her Instagram statement ended on an inspirational note, relaying Mari’s “hope” for fellow females “to remain strong and dignified when they find themselves having to address hateful and juvenile acts by former lovers who find it difficult to act in an adult manner.”


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