Nicki Minaj Has Officially Decided To Push "Queen" Back

While Nicki was originally mulling pushing back her upcoming Queen album over sample clearance, it would appear the Ruler of Barbz has rendered a verdict. The anticipated album has now landed a release date of August 17th, as confirmed in a message from Minaj herself, as penned for her Apple Music Essentials playlist:

Last night, Nicki seemed caught in a dilemma of sorts, in which she seemed unsure whether or not a delay would be worth the trouble. Apparently, the roadblock in question was a sample clearance issue, specifically a Tracy Chapman sample. Such intel was revealed after a well-intentioned Barb slid into Chapman’s (or at least a Chapman fanpage) DMs to plead a case on Nikki’s behalf. While it’s perhaps naive to assume a sample clearing deal can get done in a mere week, here’s hoping that Nicki hasn’t grown addicted to the process. 

Ya’ll still looking forward for Nicki’s Queen?

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