Playboi Carti On Not Wanting Face Tattoos: "It Don't Even Make Sense For Me"

Playboi Carti came through Real 92.3 to chop it up about the culture. The subject of face tattoos came up when the rapper was asked if he would ever get one. Carti seemed to have had put much thought into his decision to keep his face free of tattoos

The first reason he gave for not wanting this type of ink was his birthmark.

The second reason was described as an “easy call.” Playboi’s decision was reinforced by the preferences expressed by “the ladies.”

For clarification, he was asked, “Do you get girls that tell you that?” Carti responded, “That’s all they say.”

The subject of face tattoos bears a whole new meaning with the newest generation of rappers. Older folk remember how controversial Mike Tyson’s ink was or even how many people first perceived Gucci Mane‘s infamous ice cream cone tat. Nowadays, face tattoos have become a kind of expectation. Playboi Carti is pushing a counter-culture to what had previously been considered counter-culture. The irony is amusing. 

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