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It seems like Popeska has hit a stride, dropping yet another stunner just three weeks after his super-catchy return, “Doing Me Wrong.” Full of high-pitched horns and good vibes, “Don’t Walk Away” is a happy-go-lucky tune perfect for any summer playlist.

Popeska starts things off with a mellow chord-filled intro, bringing vocal chops that continue throughout the song. A short build-up leads to the first drop rather quickly, fully grabbing your attention with its sharp, high-pitched horns. These cut through the mix without overpowering anything, allowing the simple yet effective drums to push the track forward. Interludes full of arpeggiated bells and more vocal chops offer breaks in between the drops, which bring the bright horns back at different pitches for a bit of variation.

Stream the track below and click HERE to download for free!

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