Russ Accuses Fat Nick Of Exploiting "Drug Addiction" For Profit

Russ aversion to drug use, or rather its promotion in hip hop is a well-known commodity. His outspokenness on the issue has made him a bit of pariah within the industry. The latest rapper to face criticism from Russ is Fat Nick. The Florida rapper stands accused of “exploit(ing) drug addiction for money” as he stated on Twitter in a message guide by the @ symbol. 

Fat Nick was responding to a Tweet Russ had administered several minutes before, where he defended his righteous cause. Fat Nicki insisted that Russ was guilty of throwing dirt “on his dead homie”

Russ kept drawing back to Fat Nick’s “In My Cup” video as a model of his hypocrisy. The video portrays Fat Nick as a propagator of drug culture, whether he knows it or not. That’s only Russ’ take on the situation. There are never-the-less many nuances he has yet to explore within the character limitations of Twitter.