Schoolboy Q Addresses Controversial Alton Sterling Lyrics In “THat Part (Black Hippy Remix)”

“When Alton Sterling getting killed for nothing, two cowards in the car.

They’re just there to film. Saying Black Lives Matter should’ve died with him,” rapped Schoolboy Q on his “THat Part (Black Hippy Remix).”

Those words were met with some negative feedback for the California rapper, and he addressed the controversial lyrics during an interview with Complex.

“There’s no need for four or five people to film another black man die. We get it now. We keep seeing black men die on camera,” said Schoolboy.

The Blank Face LP album creator was then asked what would he have done in that situation.

“I see one person filming, that’s all I need. It’s two cops, they can’t do nothing with him, and so I think it’s my job now to stand right next to the situation,” stated Q. “If that means I have to get tased or if I have to go to jail for an hour because I’m in they way just to save this man’s life, I’ma do it. I’ma sit there. I’m going to have my hands up. If they shoot me, so be it – I’m doing something that I think can stop this man from getting killed.

He added, “I’m about to sit here and watch and film and not say anything? Don’t get me wrong, we need at least one person to film. But if it’s multiple people who are witnessing it, there’s no purpose in getting different angles of it. I’m starting to think you just really like to get this sh-t now. You wanna go around screaming ‘black lives matter,’ right?”