"Stevie J's a B*TCH!" 'LHH' Star Claims Stevie J Tried to Fight Her During Reunion

As usual, the Love & Hip Hop reunion show gave everyone enough drama to last a lifetime. The most explosive event that occurred was the physical fight between Erica Mena and Stevie J.

News of the altercation hit social media first, with Erica seemingly confirming the stories in an Instagram Live video. Scroll to the end of the article to watch the video.

Bad Record

"Stevie J's a B*TCH!" 'LHH' Star Claims Stevie J Tried to Fight Her During Reunion

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Stevie J’s track record with females hasn’t been… the best. In March, a women named “MizJelly” on Instagram claimed that she was pregnant with the music producer’s baby. According to her, she didn’t plan on taking care of her child by herself.

After breaking the pregnancy news under a promo video for the second season of VH1’s Leave It To Stevie, she sent Stevie a… personalized message.

“They round here advertising this s**t, they need to advertise the fact that Stevie J has a baby otw and is running from his responsibility,” the alleged expecting-mom wrote. “He can ignore all he want […] he gone take care my baby.”

After making her Instagram private, she told the internet exactly what she thought of her supposed baby daddy.

“You are a old a** fraud. All you do is pimp b***hes. You take b***hes’ money. You a muthaf**kin broke a**. You ain’t got s**t. You ain’t got no muthaf**kin money. You broke,” she said in a video.

Referencing the father-of-six’s recent child support case, MizJelly added, “That’s why you behind.”

“Let’s be clear b***h,” she continued in another video. “You can block me all you muthaf**kin want, but guess what n***a… I could still find yo a**. Okay?” The mommy-to-be went on to say that she knows where Stevie lives and how to contact him.

MizJelly seems to be a lot more publicly vocal than the mom who is trying to get over a million dollars out of Stevie.


"Stevie J's a B*TCH!" 'LHH' Star Claims Stevie J Tried to Fight Her During Reunion

Source: Instagram @hitmansteviej_1

Just before MizJelly’s accusations, reports that Stevie was being threatened with jail time hit the hip-hop-sphere. Not seeing his two-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella will be the least of Stevie J’s worries, if this news comes true. According to TMZ, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star is going to prison after pleading guilty to failure to pay child support.

Reports don’t specify which of his childrens’ mothers the case involved, so it is anyone’s guess. His child support case for Bonnie Bella Jordan hasn’t happened yet. If Mimi Faust filed a case for Eva Giselle Jordan, surely someone would know. Which would leave Dorian Jordan, Savannah Jordan, Sade Jordan, Steven Jordan Jr., who are all in their teens/early 20s.

One thing was clear though… The U.S. Attorney Southern District of New York told the outlet that the father-of-six was required to turn himself in later on this year.

TMZ reported that Stevie owes over $1.3 million ($1,304,835.86 to be exact) in back child support. So, after April 10 fans were preparing themselves to hear a whole lot less of Stevie J, as the music producer was being forced to relinquish himself to authorities on this date.

He entered the guilty plea at the beginning of last year (February 2017). At that time, he was ordered to pay the amount he owed alongside being put on probation for three years. (The length of time of the probation was contingent upon him paying off the debt.) Prosecutors in the case — which became federal because of “the amount owed, the length of time he was in arrears, and the fact that the people involved are in different states” — wanted the father to serve jail time, and they seemingly got what they wished for.

“Free Bonnie”

"Stevie J's a B*TCH!" 'LHH' Star Claims Stevie J Tried to Fight Her During Reunion

Credit: Moses Robinson/Getty Images

Was Stevie, née Steven Aaron Jordan, only pretending to be a devoted father? While he was skipping out on the bill of raising a child, he was holding an entire social media campaign to see Bonnie Bella, his daughter with Joseline Hernandez.

The “Free Bonnie” movement enlisted the producer’s fans to help pressure Joseline into letting him see his daughter. “Another day where I went to see Bonnie and I wasn’t able to see her,” the producer said wearily in a video captured by The Shade Room. “She didn’t open the door for me but she opened the door for Dawn’s niece. Free Bonnie, I’m gonna see you soon, baby. I’m gonna see you real soon.”

“FYI- this is not a joke or a game. Gonna go hard for mine until she’s back in my arms,” Stevie said, showing off Free Bonnie Bella t-shirts. “Stay tuned so I can send these disturbing messages so I show the world how sick and evil the person is.”

He even took the two-year-old’s mother to court, demanding that he be granted proper visitation. The pair was scheduled to go before a judge in Fulton County Court in Georgia at the start of 2018, after they were given court ordered drug tests and assigned a child monitor.

While Joseline refused to speak on the matter publicly, Stevie would give insight in to their relationship to anyone who would listen. “I’m trying to stay on a positive path with Joseline,” he said in an interview with HollywoodLife around the time of Bonnie’s birth. “We’re co-parenting and I want to keep things as positive as possible. I just want to let the negativity go and make sure everyone is happy.”

Of course, that didn’t last long at all.


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