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Sy Mosquiat Talks “Grease” Mixtape, His “Love Ya Face” Clothing Company & More with HipHopSince1987

Philadelphia has always been a city known for producing talented artists and true hustlers. To make it in Philly you have to stay focused on your goals and have more than one grind. One artists that embodies that is Philly’s own Sy Mosquiat.
Sy Mosquiat is a rapper from Philly with a growing music career aswell as a growing clothing brand called “Love Ya Face”. Recently, HipHopSince1987’s own Rick Dange sat down with Sy Mosquiat for an exclusive interview about his music, clothing brand, and his life. The interview starts differently than we’ve ever done before, with Sy Mosquiat spitting a freestyle as soon as we turned on the cameras. This wasn’t surprising to us at HHS1987 because Sy Mosquiat is known for having unlimited bars. In fact he started a new wave on Instagram called “365 Days Grease” where Sy Mosquiat spits a new freestyle everyday the year!
In this interview Sy Mosquiat talks about how he got into music, performances he’s had with big artists, and his new project “Grease” which just dropped. Sy Mosquiat also talks about how he created his clothing brand “Love Ya Face” and what his plans are for the future.
Get to know Philly’s own Sy Mosquiat NOW in this exclusive interview with HipHopSince1987!!
This interview was shot, edited, and conducted by Rick Dange.
And make sure you download/stream Sy Mosquiat’s New project “Grease” NOW!!

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