YG Responds To 6ix9ine’s Disrespectful Comments: “Can’t Wait Till We Meet”

It seems like just about every other week, On Wednesday morning, YG’s interview with The Breakfast Club surfaced online, which brought up the topic of his & 6ix9ine’s Twitter feud a couple months ago, and while nothing too crazy was said about Tekashi, the “Fefe” rapper definitely felt some type of way about it. Following the interview, Tekashi hopped on his IG Story and had some disrespectful words for YG, literally telling him to “suck his dick.”

“YG, suck my fuckin’ dick, stupid. Your last single before your album came out had four major artists on there. You had 2 Chainz, you had Nicki Minaj and you had Big Sean,” he said. “How’s my record doing better than your shit? You a whole bum out here. Stop going on radio stations tryna promote your album mentioning my name.”

Well of course YG caught wind of these harsh comments shortly later, and had to respond. Firing back on IG, YG actually shared the clip of Tekashi’s rant, and left a rather threatening caption in the process. “CANT WAIT TILL WE MEET @6ix9ine,” he wrote in all caps.

Check out YG’s response (below) and sound off in the comments.

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