Yung Bans Says His Manager Hacked His Twitter To Claim Russ Beef Is Squashed

Russ alluded to the fact that his crew beat up either Yung Bans or @russ better come with it frfr kid.. FUCK RUSS 4L I would never betray my fans we stand on 10 & my niggas gon die bout dis 1OF1 shit ongod!”

What’s peculiar about Bans’ latest Instagram post is that his initial tweet revealed that he got on the phone with Russ to squash their beef. Russ seemingly confirmed it on his response on Twitter. Russ simply retweeted the tweet with four praying hand emojis. 

At this point, it’s clear that Bans’ beef with Russ is far from over, but maybe one day they’ll both actually settle their differences indefinitely.

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