10 Cool New Pop Songs: Hayley Williams, Annie

Looking for some Monday motivation to help power you through the start of another week? We’re right there with you, and with some stellar new pop tunes, we’ve got you covered.

These 10 tracks from artists like Hayley Williams, Amy Shark, Annie and JC Stewart will get you energized to take on the week. Pop any of these gems into your personal playlists — or scroll to the end of the post for a custom playlist of all 10.

Annie, “American Cars”

Those of us who have been following Norwegian pop star Annie since her “Chewing Gum” days in the mid-2000s — and were delighted by 2009 comeback Don’t Stop — have long been waiting for this day. For the first time in years, we have new Annie music, and the dreamy, mid-tempo “American Cars” hopefully hints at a full-fledged new era.

Amy Shark, “Everybody Rise”

One listen to Amy Shark’s new single, “Everybody Rise,” reveals the type of impressive artistic growth that the Australian singer-songwriter is aiming for with her new music: produced by Joel Little, the track allows Shark to experiment with her voice and narrative technique, meditating on online fandom and its many complications.

Felix Da Housecat & Chris Trucher, “Chicago Love”

House legend Felix Da Housecat has stayed busy with new music over the past few years, and “Chicago Love” is his strongest single in recent memory, a hazy dance floor burner that swoons and sways with its string section. Even if Pitchfork Fest and Lollapalooza aren’t happening this year, this track will provide the feeling of a sweaty Chicago summer evening.

E^ST, “I Wanna Be Here”

American indie-pop fans should fall head over heels for Australia’s E^ST, who previews her debut album I’m Doing It with this hopeful anthem that introduces a piano riff midway through for great, bombastic, arena-rattling effect. Play “I Wanna Be Here” at a low moment, and things will start to look up.

Nicole Millar, “4U”

Veteran Canadian-Australian indie-pop artist Nicole Millar wobbles into view on “4U,” slipping into falsetto as the production underneath her refuses to settle into place. Through her vocal desperation and the crackling beat, Millar conveys a sense of yearning that stays with the listener after “4U” concludes.

Will Joseph Cook, “Driverless Cars”

This U.K. export’s name can sometimes read like a question, as in: “Will Joseph Cook up yet another sleek and summery pop song?” In the case of his latest, “Driverless Cars” — a funky, existential crisis to soundtrack these trying times — the answer is yes.

Hayley Williams, “Dead Horse (Hot Chip Remix)”

It’s Williams’ uber-bop “Dead Horse,” but 100 times faster and no less catchy. Depending on your stomach, the chopped vocals and frantic beats on this remix will either give you anxiety or the urge to dance (in our case, it’s the latter).

Lil Halima, “Friends”

Kenyan-Norwegian multi-talent Lil Halima drew upon “modern day pop and the authentic ’80s black disco” as inspiration for her newest single, per a press release, and the song is another shiny entry in her repertoire. “Friends” struts through the door like the pal you’re finally seeing for the first time after months of separation.

Bruce Hornsby, James Mercer, “My Resolve”

The Shins mastermind James Mercer doesn’t make guest appearances often, but when a fellow genius beckons, he answers the call. The sweeping “My Resolve” will appear on Bruce Hornsby’s upcoming album Non-Secure Connection (Aug. 14), which also features assists from Justin Vernon, Jamila Woods and more.

JC Stewart, “I Need You To Hate Me”

Here, a most wonderful math problem: Alec Benjamin + Twenty One Pilots = JC Stewart’s “I Need You To Hate Me.” Expect even bigger things to come from the Elektra signee, who wrote this stunner with producer Matt Schwartz (Yungblud) and Stephen “Koz” Kozmeniuk (Dua Lipa).