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13 Best Romeo Santos Songs for a Romantic Date

Ever since the beginning of his career in the late 1990s, Romeo Santos has been enticing audiences with his romantic and sultry lyrics.

As the former frontman of bachata group Aventura, Santos was the voice of timeless songs such as “Obsession,” “Mi Corazoncito,” and “Un Beso.” In 2011, he kicked off his solo career and continued to drop heartfelt songs about love, betrayal, heartbreaks, and more.

Over the past eight years, the bachata crooner released four studio albums, most recently Utopia, a collaborative project honoring traditional bacahata music. 

While Santos is currently making the rounds with the tracks from his album, including "Ileso" featuring Teodoro Reyes, "Canalla" featuring El Chaval de la Bachata, and "Payasos" featuring Frank Reyes, to name a few, Billboard highlights his most romantic songs. Listen to them in the playlist below.

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