19 Year Old Independent Rapper Paul Prodigy Unveils New Single “Self Obsessed”

Arlington, Texas-based 19 year-old rapper Paul Prodigy is releasing his latest track, the single “Self Obsessed,” a song off his new EP Sweet Summer Days

Coming out of a low-income, single father household with 2 brothers, Paul Prodigy knew right from the start that he would have to do something great for himself and his family. 

He first started music as a little kid in elementary school, but it wasn’t until his seno high school years that he truly realized he was destined to become an artist. 

The way he deploys his storytelling in a relatable and skillful manner are some of the reasons allowing us to foresee a bright future for him in the coming years. 

“Self Obsessed” offers an explosive cocktail where mellow vibes merge seamlessly with Paul Prodigy’s calm, confident and surgically precise flow.

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