21 Savage Clap Backs at Soulja Boy for Disrespecting Metro Boomin’s Deceased Mother

Rapper 21 Savage, last seen touring and chatting it up with Nardwuar, took to X to take a stand for Metro Boomin. This comes in shortly after Soulja Boy took to X in a barrage of tweets disrespecting Metro Boomin’s deceased mother, all over a 12 year old tweet by Metro talking, albeit indirectly, down on Soulja Boy.

In what many internet users claim to be Soulja’s cry for relevance in 2024 by way of beef, Soulja went on a sudden and unexpected rant dragging in Metro Boomin’s mother, who was allegedly murdered by her husband. The reason? This (now deleted) 12 year old tweet by Metro Boomin which in all likelihood, isn’t all that deep.

Once Soulja discovered this, no insult was below the belt. When 21 Savage commented on the situation, Soulja even claimed he was ready to “slap the shit out of him (21 Savage) and Metro” and how he isn’t scared of any rapper from Great Britain.

Clapping back at 21 Savage mocking him back based on debts and net worth, the rapper then pulled out headlines showing off a million dollar payment from Warner Music.

Fuelling the petty feud, fans also fuelled the fire further by bringing up old estimations of Soulja Boy’s album sales from about a year back.

Now, whether this turns into a music beef or not, we don’t know. Although with the ongoing tensions between rappers like Drake and Kendrick, King Combs and 50 Cent, Chris Brown and Quavo, and a bunch of other rappers like Kanye, The Weeknd and more, it truly seems like it is wartime in hiphop.

The real question is, within the larger context of the world, is it really the time for hip-hop to be hyper fixated on individual tiffs? That’s a question the culture must answer for itself.