21 Savage Continues His Honorable Wave With Another Heartfelt Gesture

21 Savage has a wide ranging influence, and the once menacing rapper has decided to use his powers for good. After disavowing jewelry in the name of teaching fiscal responsibility, the moral shift of 21 Savage has been fascinating to observe. Though he initially caught some criticism from figures like Akademiks, 21’s shift to being an inspirational figure has been a welcome change. Who’d have thought the Savage Mode rapper would ever stand alongside the noble Ellen DeGeneres. Lo and behold, 21 earned a co-sign from the iconic blonde, after he donated $21,000 to the Get Schooled initiative.

Now, 21 continues to establish himself as a bastion of hope and positive vibes. A young woman recently posed a picture of herself and Savage on Instagram, along with a heartfelt caption explaining the circumstances. “21 Savage is such a blessing to the family that’s mourning the death of a 3 year old boy. He grew up with the child’s uncle – & he came by the house to offer his help to the family in a big way. Love it…”

You’ve gotta hand it to Savage, who has really done wonders in turning his image around. He’s hoping he can continue to ride this positive wave, as the work he’s doing for the youth in his community is nothing short of magnificent. 

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