2pac Reportedly Wanted To Diss Common While Beefing With Ice Cube

During Common and Ice Cube’s rap beef in the mid-90s there was reportedly someone else who wanted in, 2pac. The revelation comes from former Outlawz member and one of Pac’s protégés Napoleon. He sat down with The Art Of Dialogue to explain where Pac fit into the often-forgotten Common and Ice Cube beef. ““I remember when the East Coast-West Coast thing was heating up, I think Common and Cube was going through their beef, like they were dissing each other,” he explains in the clip. “I remember ‘Pac was like, ‘See, if I was cool with Cube right now, I’d be going after Common for him, but now I’m staying out of it.’”

Reportedly the only thing keeping 2pac from chiming in was some friction he had with Cube at the time. Despite that, Napoleon says Pac still admired Cube. “‘Pac had a lot of love for Cube. I never heard him say anything negative about him. I think at one particular time they were closer, and maybe they just went their separate ways. But that’s the only thing I heard him say about Cube, but he definitely respected Cube.” He ends the segment by saying he’s glad that Pac never went after Common because he thinks the two would have really understood each other.

2pac Almost Backed Ice Cube In His Common Beef

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Interest in 2pac and his story rose greatly in recent weeks. That started when Las Vegas Police raided a home last month. They later confirmed was in connection with the investigation into 2pac’s murder. That house belonged to Keefe D, someone who has long been associated with the rapper’s killing.

Even more interest sparked up when a ring worn by 2pac in one of his final public appearances became the highest selling piece of hip-hop memorabilia ever sold at auction. It became even more interesting when Drake was revealed to be the one who purchased the ring. What do you think of 2pac wanting to “go at” Common during his beef with Ice Cube? Let us know in the comment section below.

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