2Pac's Sexual Assault Accuser Speaks Out for the First Time in 25 Years

Tupac is a messy figure to wrap your head around. As much as the genre has deified him after his death, he had serious flaws in his life. He was sent to prison for sexual assault and maintained his innocence until the day he died, but its something that fans the rapper need to reckon with.

With that in mind, its worth listening to this interview with Ayanna Jackson, the woman who accused Tupac forcing himself on her years ago.

Jackson said that she met Tupac at a nightclub called Nells when she was 18. She said that Tupac approached her from behind in the club and placed his hands into her back pockets. She went along with the move and went out to the dance floor with Tupac in tow to dance.

She says that they were dancing and kissing at the club. So, Vlad pushed her to explain how the night progressed in more detail.

As we were dancing and kissing…he lowered my head, she said. I did not give fellatio that night on the dance floor. She said that she picked her head back up and considered the move to be all in good fun.

She said that they went back to his hotel and got intimate. She called him the morning after and told Tupac that she had a great time. Thats not at issue here. The problem emerged when Ayanna went back to hanging out with Pac.

She said that she hung out two or three times before the actual incident.

We would have dinner, she said. I would come there into the city and we would just hang out and have a good time.

She said that they werent sexually involved in their later meetings and then gets to the night in question.