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301 Pacs Reflects On The Power Of Authenticity & Social Awareness In Cyclical Nature

Emerging Hip Hop artist and songwriter, 301 Pacs‘ new EP,  Cyclical Nature, is a thought-provoking collection of tracks that touch on the daily struggles of young Americans dealing with the demands of the career grind. In an interview, the rapper shared his views on the importance of being authentic in one’s music and how it can have a significant impact on listeners. 

Every artist can’t make an impactful social justice track; just like every artist can’t make a club banger. It’s beyond cliché advice, but showing us who you are through your writing is key,” says 301 Pacs

The EP’s tracks “Woke Up” and “Breathe Out” were written separately but come together perfectly, showcasing the 301 Pacs’ ability to create a cohesive concept record. “I had originally written ‘Woke Up’ a year or two ago, so that was just sitting in my files for the longest period before I decided to connect it with ‘Breathe Out’ to convey how I felt with my work-life balance,” he explains. 

301 Pacs draws inspiration from personal experiences and his background as a poet to craft his music. “I want to add things such as imagery and other poetic devices throughout my work,” he shares. “It’s a simpler type of poetry, but poetry nonetheless.” 

Despite the challenges of the music industry, the artist prioritizes his mental health and advises others to do the same. “If I ever feel music becomes more of a chore than a passion, then I’ll stop,” he emphasizes. 

As for what’s next, 301 Pacs is working on a new project, which may be a full-length album to showcase his versatility as an artist. “It’ll definitely have more earworms than this EP. That’s for sure,” he teases. 

301 PacsCyclical Nature is a powerful reminder that music can be a tool for social commentary and personal expression. With his authentic approach to songwriting and dedication to his mental health, he is sure to make an impact in the music world for years to come.

Listen to the full EP here: