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50 Cent & Birdman Have Their Sights Set On Super Rare $9M Bugatti

There are only 10 Bugatti Centodieci in the world and Birdman wants one.

is eying a new car but it’s not just a new car. It’s a brand new Bugatti. But again, it’s not just any Bugatti — it’s the super rare, limited edition Bugatti Centidieci. Now, Fif’s known for blowing hella dough on new cars. He bought but it seems like he’s trying to up the ante on his next purchase with the new Bugatti. 

If you’re a multimillionaire like 50 Cent with money to blow like , maybe getting a Bugatti Centidieci might seem like a reasonable purchase if you’re trying to treat yourself. The Centidieci is a car for the elite. With only 10 of them being made, the car is currently going for $9M. Fif teased the idea of it being his next purchase on Instagram with a screenshot of CNN’s tweet about the car. “TYCOON BOOM. 9 mill wait, we must get the building the car in too,” he wrote. “They going too far.”

Fif could definitely afford it but he may have been joking about the purchase of a multi-million dollar super car. Birdman, on the other hand, could very well be serious. He is the same guy who recently got diamonds placed in his teeth so it doesn’t seem far fetched that he’d drop $9M on a car. “Fuk that 5 we need that shit,” he wrote. 

50 Cent & Birdman Have Their Sights Set On Super Rare $9M Bugatti

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