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50 Cent Clowns Jeweler Who Says Tekashi 6ix9ine Skipped Out On Paying Him $25K

50 Cent’s social media shenanigans have continued on Twitter after the rapper left Instagram because he said he was being censored.

This week, the Queens musician’s Twitter fingers took specific aim at Tekashi 6ix9ine’s jeweler. The jeweler, who is based out of New York City’s Trax NYC, called 6ix9ine out on Instagram on Monday (May 14) for allegedly not handing over the money for a $25,000 bracelet he received.

The jeweler, who prefaced his request by stating that 6ix9ine seems “like a great guy,” revealed that he had no other way of contacting the musician.

50 caught wind of the video and opted to defend his “little homie” on Twitter.

“Smh The Jewler a nobody, trying to play the little homie,” 50 Cent wrote in a caption to a repost of Trax NYC’s video.

Smh?‍♂️The Jewler a nobody, trying to play the little homie. pic.twitter.com/4bwN5lftzt

— 50cent (@50cent) May 14, 2018

In typical Fiddy fashion, the rapper also provided commentary throughout the repost of the jeweler’s video.

“Look at this sucka … Nah, you ain’t getting nothing. You ain’t getting nothing,” 50 Cent said.

6ix9ine has not responded publicly to the request of the Trax NYC jeweler, and Trax has not issued a follow-up.

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