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50 Cent Clowns Wendy Williams For Partying With Husband’s Alleged Mistress

50 Cent won’t stop flaming Wendy Williams.

has built her brand on kicking people while their down but a few people believe her current struggles is . Although she has stood up for a few people, she’s more often seen as a bully than a victim. The tables have turned on her lately as things in her personal life have crumbled in front of the world. She’s been living in aand her  had a c recently. Fif has been ruthlessly roasting her about this and referring to her as a  along the way. The rapper recently took to Instagram to roast her after photos of Wendy parting with her husband’s alleged mistress emerged.

Us Weekly discovered photos from 2007 that show Wendy Williams partying with her husband’s alleged mistress. However, as Fif pointed out, this probably won’t get highlighted in Wendy’s “Hot Topics” segment. The rapper shared a screenshot of the article on Instagram this morning. 

“bet this ain’t gonna be on hot topics Wendy. Had you at the crib licking booty hun,” he wrote. “you know the Vibes.”

Many might be wondering why even bothers to attack Wendy Williams these days. A source close to the rapper recently explained that if Wendy decided to stop beefing with Fif, he’d ease up on the name-calling.

“50 Cent has no plans to end his feud with Wendy Williams,” the source . “He feels she has disrespected him for years and will always fight back. 50 feels that Wendy causes a lot of drama so of course he’s going to poke fun at her when he can. If she stopped beefing with him, maybe he’d hold back, but he’s not a fan of her and probably never will be. She’s crossed the line one too many times.”

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