50 Cent Continues To Taunt Gayle King & Oprah With Snoop Dogg Meme

50 Cent refuses to stop clowning Gayle King and Oprah.

 since it was revealed that she would be producing a documentary about the sexual assault allegations against Russell Simmons. Oprah ended up backing out of the doc,  in the narrative, but it has been . Given 50’s persistent badgering of Oprah, it came as no surprise when he targeted Gayle King for besmirching the reputation of another prominent black figure, Kobe Bryant. Last week,  after she brought up Bryant’s past rape allegations in an interview with Lisa Leslie.

 and Fifty has obviously found a meme to make light of the whole debacle. The meme that Fif shared on his IG shows , riding around in a car together. King drives while O is in the passenger seat, looking especially frustrated. “Shit, Gayle just drive he looking over here,” is the dialogue ascribed to Oprah. The photo below reveals that she is referring to none other than , who shoots them a menacing glare from his own car. 

After Snoop broadcasted a fuming PSA about King with some violent undertones, . 

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